Fabiola Márquez

Release stress and connect to your inner Goddess

Time has come to free yourself from a burden that is preventing you from connecting with your inner power and flowing

Discover the formula that will allow you to let your light shine and live in peace

When we live immersed in a spiral of obligations, activities, work and things to do, it can be very difficult for us to connect with ourselves and find calm.

Millions of women today are suffering stress and don’t even realize. In their daily life they don’t even take time to really breathe, and they spend very little connecting with their deepest being.

Are you one of them?


What makes this one-of-a-kind retreat?

A life free of stress and anxiety begins with self-knowledge and self-care. If you know what feels good to you and you are able to give it to yourself, you can achieve mental calm, and delight in the small pleasures of everyday life.

I know that at first it is not easy to know what suits us and what does not.

That's why I'm going to tell you so!


If you manage to change a series of habits that don´t favor you, and implement in your lifestyle the formula that I´m going to share with you in this retreat, I can assure you that in a few days you will begin to experience a real TRANSFORMATION.


You will see that sooner than you expect you will begin to:

Feeling that you are sleepy earlier than usual.

Stop spinning your thoughts so much, even more before go to bed.

Enjoy having better digestions.

Feeling more energetic in the morning and more motivated during all day.

Getting into the rhythm of your meditation practice.

Feel calmer and more relaxed in general.

Before leading an Ayurveda lifestyle, I was in your place. I lived full of anxiety, suffered from insomnia and used to say that it was impossible for me to sit down and meditate. With this program you will discover everything that is causing you stress and anxiety, and you will learn to change that reality. You are going to know the formula that has helped me to live calmly, and to have the restful and deep sleep that I´m able to enjoy today.

This is the opinion of some who have trusted my work during these 5 years that I have dedicated to helping people:

Still don't know Fabiola Márquez?

Fabiola is a specialist in nutrition and coaching Ayurveda. In addition, she loves to show her love for her through the Ayurvegan cuisine.

She is dedicated to accompanying determined people to break the barriers that prevent them from reaching their physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance.

Applying her method «Living Fully», she teaches you to put into practice all the techniques that have helped her change a stressed and unfocused life, for a calm life based on self-knowledge.

She is the creator of the Formula to Release Stress and Anxiety, two problems that cause deterioration of well-being and dissatisfaction in people.

Fabiola has helped many people to connect with their inner power, to be able to transform their life.

Fabiola Márquez

What will the "Release stress and connect to your inner Goddess" retreat be like?

Fabiola Márquez

We will live an almost 3 days healing experience, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy:

Restorative yoga to calm your nervous system.

Masterclass about stress and anxiety and the inconvenience to connect with your inner power.

A practical workshop focused on coaching and bioreprogramming techniques.

4 workshops on Ayurvedic self-care techniques.

Transcendental meditation practice.

Ritual to connect with your inner Goddess.

Dance to embody your inner Goddess.

Excursions to relax yourself and enjoy the landscape and culture around.

Learning the self-coaching practice.

A swim in a nice and relaxing pool.

Ayurvegan food specially made to keep you in the frequency of calm.

And a lot of fun.

Once you reserve your spot you will get the Dosha Quiz and the full program. Also, you will get your certificate of participation when the retreat is over.

We will meet for this retreat on 30/03/23 at 4:30 pm, and we will say goodbye being a NEW person on 01/04/23 at 4:30 pm

What are you going to accomplish with this retreat?

This program is designed NOT FOR YOU if:


This retreat is designed FOR YOU if:

Make the most of this UNIQUE opportunity to let your LIGHT SHINE and share with other souls, in a spiritual and authentic atmosphere surrounded by nature in the picturesque Kundamankadavu village, in South of Kerala- India

Are you ready to free yourself from the restlessness that dominates your life today?​

Are You Ready to Live a Stress Free Life?

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